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Very honest, dependable attorney. Helped very much to get the case dismissed.
Couldn’t be more grateful!


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Explained and prepared my case with tremendous efficiency got me exactly what I wanted. Was very helpful in Answering Questions and always received a quick call back.


Great Attorney! Fantastic communication, speed and thoroughness. All around top notch job. Very professional!!!

Absolutely phenomenal experience. Legal issues can be a pain, but with Kyle everything went very smoothly. We hit road bumps in our case that Kyle handled better than any attorney I have seen yet. In the end, Mr. McLeod Kept this client out of a felony conviction for a drug charge and saw him into a very manageable probation sentence, all being across the country from the client during the entire case. Thanks again Kyle, you helped keep our family together.


My recent decision to hire Mr. McLeod was the best legal decision I have ever made. Mr. McLeod offered the best possible service I could have ever expected to receive and then some. He went above and beyond in every aspect of my case which led to a judgement that far exceeded my highest expectations. I don’t think there is any way possible that Mr. McLeod could have done a better. I would absolutely use him again for anything where he may be of service and I highly recommend others do the same. Great job Kyle!

C. Michael